Critical Mass for the Visual Arts

Critical Mass for the Visual Arts is a nonprofit, self-formed visual arts collaborative dedicated to promoting, enhancing and initiating contemporary visual art in the St. Louis region.


5 Questions- Occupy Vacancy (Brianna McIntyre and André Fuqua)


This month we’re chatting with André Fuqua and Brianna McIntyre of Occupy Vacancy. André and Brianna are creative professionals who are passionate about reviving the Northside and keeping the spirit of St. Louis alive. As Black artists with roots in St. Louis city and county, they are passionate about fellow natives returning home to contribute back to the city that raised them. Both artists attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and bonded over their deep ties to St. Louis. Each of their creative practices converges at the intersection of art, design, and architecture. The synergy of their combined practices, within the scope of Occupy Vacancy, promotes collaboration between art, design, engineering, community engagement, and neighborhood development.It is their hope that through this artistic intervention, they can inspire the natives who stayed, those who left, and individuals from afar to fall in love with St. Louis and celebrate the beauty of the city. Occupy Vacancy uses city-owned lots to install public art with the aim to acknowledge the collective loss of St. Louis’s neighborhoods

Yvonne Osei and unSEEN Exhibition featured on HEC-TV

unSEEN: Creative Stimulus Award Exhibition- April 1- May 1


Marking the organization’s 12th year of support for St. Louis-based contemporary artists, Critical Mass for the Visual Arts annually awards the Creative Stimulus Award to three artists. Featured in this exhibition are the 2020 and 2021 award recipients: José GarzaYowshien KuoMarina PengJanie Stamm, Simiya Sudduth, and Chloe West. Curated by Yvonne Osei. Organized and sponsored by Critical Mass for the Visual Arts in collaboration with COCA’s Millstone Gallery.

Where: Millstone Gallery 6880 Washington Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63130

When: Opened April 1-  Closed May 1.