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FINAL_logoCritical Mass for the Visual Arts is a nonprofit, self-formed visual arts collaborative dedicated to promoting, enhancing and initiating contemporary visual art in the St. Louis region.


5 Questions Podcast Episode 3- Meghan Grubb


Check out 5 Questions: Episode 3! This time, we’re talking with Meghan Grubb, installation artist,  and curator of Color Key, the 2017 Creative Stimulus show opening May 5 at the Contemporary Art Museum – St. Louis. We’ll be asking her the same off-beat questions, and learning about her practice, where she sees her art with respect to the wider artworld, and more.  These short episodes will be released as we record them, and we will do our best to unearth interesting responses.

Fire Safety for Artists- May 11 at RAC- 7 PM


On December 2, 2016, a fire erupted from an artist collective space in West Oakland, CA-better known as Ghost Ship. 36 people died in the fire, which was one of the largest in the city’s history. The description of Ghost Ship before the fire is reminiscent of many of our local spaces, studios, and environs in which artists live and work. For organizers, creatives, and art-professionals, it is clear that we all need to understand how to protect ourselves from such tragedy. Join VLAA, All the Art, and Critical Mass for the Visual Arts in our Fire Safety for Artists workshop.

Color Key Opens May 5 at CAM- 7 PM

Color Key will open at the Contemporary Art Museum (May 5 at 7:00 pm) in the front gallery along with the other CAM Summer Exhibitions. Color Key features the winners of the Critical Mass for the Visual Arts 2016 Creative Stimulus Award, which is the 8th in a series. This year’s selected artists are Ellie Balk, Addoley Dzegede and Amy Reidel.

Critical Conversations- Presence and Absence: Representations and Expressions of African and African-American IdentityVideo Available

Check out the video document for this most recent Critical Conversation. A special thanks to MK, Kevin, Lyndon, Kahlil, Kat, Dani (and baby) for their efforts. Thanks also to St. Louis Artworks, Vanity Gee, Ellie Balk, Sarah Griesbach, All the Art, Andrea Purnell, Vicki Kahn, and Priscella Block (St. Louis Artworks).

Created by Public Works Project winner Jessica Witte.