Socially-Engaged Art


Critical Conversations- Social Practice- May 6, 2015

Check out the video of our first Critical Conversations Event on Socially Engaged Art!

This took place May 6 at the Stage at KDHX. Panelists were Freida L. Wheaton, Marcis Curtis, Christine Ilewski, and Stefani Weedon-Smith. Moderator was Susan Colangelo.

Our first conversation centered on Social Practice in Visual Art. What are the roles and responsibilities of artists in our communities, and how does art influence the tides of social change? What more can we do?

Susan Colangelo (moderator)

Social practice artist, founding president of Saint Louis Story Stitchers Artists Collective, activist, community organizer, taught for the Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design at Washington University.

Stefani Weedon-Smith (panelist)

Project Director for the NCCJ, faculty member for RAC’s Community Arts Training Institute.

Freida Wheaton (panelist)

Owner of Salon 53, founder of the Alliance of Black Art Galleries, curator, and arts advocate.

Christine Ilewski (panelist)

Creative Stimulus Award-winning artist, founder of Faces Not Forgotten.

Marcis Curtis (panelist)

Artist and activist, participant in St. Louis Mural Project, (blank)space, and Creative Exchange Lab.

We are proud to have worked with the St. Louis community to start this conversation- and we intend to bring even more Critical Conversations to you starting this fall.


We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our panel, and all who attended. Special thanks to Susan Colangelo , Stefani Weeden-Smith , Christine Ilewski-Huelsmann, Marcus Curtis, and Freida L Wheaton- our panel and moderator. Last but not least, thanks to Jon Valley our Audio Engineer for the evening! You all were wonderful! Check out these images from our Instagram (@CriticalMassSTL), and stay tuned for more photos and a video of the complete conversation.

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