5 Questions Ep. 3 – Meghan Grubb

5 Questions Episode 3- Meghan Grubb

128px-feed-icon-svgWelcome to 5 Questions: Episode 3. This time, we’re talking with Meghan Grubb, installation artist,  and curator of Color Key, the 2017 Creative Stimulus show opening May 5 at the Contemporary Art Museum – St. Louis. We’ll be asking her the same off-beat questions, and learning about her practice, where she sees her art with respect to the wider artworld, and more.  These short episodes will be releasedas we record them, and we will do our best to unearth interesting

Meghan Grubb makes works of sculpture and installation that explore the
non-rational and intuitive responses of wonder and anxiety.
Investigating what is at stake when we engage with the fringe of our
conscious experience, Grubb focuses on the ways that we respond – both
physically and emotionally – to precarious situations. She observes and
questions the potential realities that arise from experience within
confounding environments, and how memory, the subconscious, and direct
perception mix to produce sensory response.

Grubb’s work draws on art and architecture, research into literature,
perceptual psychology, optics, and the natural environment. Her
practice generates new questions and strategies on interrupting the
built environment, bending our expectations of physical space, and
creating opportunities for psychological and conceptual vertigo. Grubb
intends to leverage the unease in the relationship between humans and
the physical spaces we inhabit, making work that may prove at once
playfully reassuring and profoundly disquieting.

Meghan Grubb’s exhibition record includes group and solo shows,
collaborations, and site-specific installations. Her work has been
exhibited internationally in Norway, Finland, Spain, and Thailand, and
nationally at the Sculpture Center (Cleveland, OH), the Shoshana Wayne
Gallery (Los Angeles), Heaven Gallery (Chicago), and the Urban Institute
for Contemporary Art (Grand Rapids, MI). She has received numerous
awards and grants, including the American Scandinavian Foundation
Fellowship (2012-2013), Regional Arts Commission Artists Fellowship
(2015), Creative Stimulus Award (2015), Alice Cole Award (2015), and
recent nominations for the Joan Mitchell Foundation Painters and
Sculptors Grant (2014) and Joan Mitchell Foundation Emerging Artist
Grant (2015 and 2016).

Meghan Grubb received her M.F.A. Art + Design from the University of
Michigan in 2012, and her B.A. History + Studio Art from Wellesley
College in 2005. (meghangrubb.com)

This episode

With Meghan Grubb and Joe Kohlburn
Production-Brett Williams
Editor- Sarah Hammond

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