5 Questions- Yowshien Kuo

5 Questions- Yowshien Kuo

Welcome listeners to 5 Questions: A Critical Mass for the Visual Arts Podcast in which we ask 5 questions of our interviewees aimed at positioning and contextualizing their respective bodies of work within the St. Louis artworld.This episode, we’re talking with Yowshien Kuo.

Yowshien Kuo is a multimedia artist currently living and working in Saint Louis, Missouri. As of 2019, Yowshien became a co-owner of Monaco, an artist-owned gallery in Saint Louis City. He currently holds teaching appointments at Washington University, Fontbonne University, Maryville University, and St. Louis Community College in Saint Louis. His studio is located at the Intersect Art Center in south Saint Louis and maintains an active exhibition calendar.

5 Questions is a program by Critical Mass for the Visual Arts – a nonprofit, self-formed visual arts collaborative dedicated to promoting, enhancing and initiating contemporary visual art in the St. Louis region.

Pick it up on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts

Or at criticalmassart.org/fivequestions, on twitter @criticalmassSTL

With Yowshien Kuo and Joe Kohlburn

Editor – Sarah Hammond

Producer – Brett Williams


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