Local Artist Roundtable 2021 (MAPS and Critical Mass)

Local Artist Roundtable 2021 (MAPS and Critical Mass for the Visual Arts)



Midwest Artist Project Services (MAPS) and Critical Mass for the Visual Arts partnered to present this virtual local artist roundtable on Thursday, May 20 at 6:00 pm. The conversation centered on the impact of the pandemic on artists and reimagining creative life after. It asked the following questions:

How have artists adapted their practices?

What are valuable resources?

How do artists think creatively about the future, especially reimagining systems?

It is our sincere hope this is a meaningful opportunity to share stories and ideas, connect, and deeply reflect.


Vanity Gee


Jayvn Solomon

Simya Sudduth

Rachel Youn


Sahara Sista SOLS

Participant Info:

Vanity Gee—writer, musician, cultural producer, mother—@vanitykgee (IG)

Rachel Youn- @rachelyoun (IG)

Simiya Sudduth- @sagemoondoula and @tha_muthaship (IG), http://www.sagemoondoula.com, and http://spiritscapes.life

Jayvn Solomon- @jayvnize (IG), @StLoutopia (Twitter)

Sahara Sista S.O.L.S – @sistasols (IG)

Artist Recommendations

Dominic Chambers

Jordan Weber

Mad Keys

Michael Eric Dyson


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