Deadline Extended: Homegrown Rain Garden Design Challenge- Feb 28


In response to designer requests, we’ve extended the deadline for Rain Garden Design Challenge submissions to Sunday, Feb 28, 2015 at midnight. Please read the CFP here, and submit your designs to

If you have any questions, please forward them to

Please find the sites in which your rain gardens may appear below.

10857126_1084426841583306_1996501909798936841_o 10955208_1084426878249969_5569966834532179564_o 10960092_1084426844916639_6598914325324773810_o 10974434_1084426854916638_3193588257131799334_o10984573_1084426851583305_5758219303307407633_o1947909_1084426871583303_353493282282804415_n10422249_1084426868249970_2258005740391896360_n10980742_1084426874916636_2197745070400017278_n 10978513_1084426884916635_1402635138337091812_n   10985573_1084426888249968_5385660643930712547_n

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