Critical Conversations- Socially Engaged Art Video

Check out the video of our first Critical Conversations Event on Socially Engaged Art!

This took place May 6 at the Stage at KDHX. Panelists were Freida L. Wheaton, Marcis Curtis, Christine Ilewski, and Stefani Weedon-Smith. Moderator was Susan Colangelo.

We are proud to have worked with the St. Louis community to start this conversation- and we intend to bring even more Critical Conversations to you starting this fall.

Critical Conversations seeks to spark revolution in the St. LouisArtworld. We aim to strengthen vital connections between individuals,institutions, spaces and creative communities, and to set the stage forprofound criticism and discussion on a wide range of topics. Weinspire action through increased understanding, agency andaccountability among creatives, administrators, academics and critics.

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